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Wedding bells are ringing, the gifts are pouring in and the bride and groom are anxiously anticipating happily ever after. However now more than ever, as more couples wait to enter into their first marriage and remarriages become more common, the homes takes center stage. With two independent individuals entering the union, more household issues enter into the mix. After moving in together creating your first home can be a challenge. Both of you bring your old stuff, and maybe these have totally different style, and eccletic designs can be beautiful and comfortable, but only if you understand the principles that unify different styles. His ugly leather recliner, your grandma's Victorian hutch, that massive entertainment center that trumps all style and clashes with the woodwork!Firstly, don’t forget that emotions are heightened when referring to a favorite piece of furniture. While this may hold no meaning for you at all, it may have a sentimental value to your partner. If you are determined to get rid of it, be gentle when you tell your partner that it has to go. A good way is to ask her/him about that particular item and find out if it really has a history.

It’s better if you don't buy anything until you are fully moved in and have decided who's going to keep what. Have a plan what to buy, where and for how much! Another style in the already eclectic home can be a waste of money and energy. Buy gradually as your budget allows you. And don’t forget to prioritize, because you may end up having a beautiful set of dishes but no table…

One solution to unify different styles and colors is to add elements that can bridge the gap. A mismatched sofa and chair can become one when you add accent cushions that match both. Recovered in the same fabric, these can become harmonious. You also have the option to add a third piece, if you have for example a different chair and couch: a carpet. Be sure that it matches both colors and will serve as a gap filler!

If a couple has the means, hiring an interior designer to tackle the project may save a great deal of stress, money and hurt feelings. An interior designer, like myself, is skilled in knowing how to create a home where the couple's style comes together and produces a loving comfortable environment where love will grow.

If your wedding bells are ringing or someone close to you is preparing to take the leap...consider hiring an interior designer to help make your love nest a home.

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