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Focused Illumination

Layered lighting provides more than visual appeal, it produces undeniable function. A layer of lighting that cannot be over looked is task lighting.  Task lighting, often seen as under cabinet illumination, focuses on surfaces that command attention and increased illumination.  Pendant lighting is a great fixture option because it provides stylish function. Track and recessed lighting can be used, but care should be taken to ensure that the light is directed out of the fixture so it shines on the surface needing illumination.

Accent lighting is like jewelery that adds the perfect finishing touch to your favorite outfit.  It sets the mood that fits your style.  Creating shadows with spotlights and drawing attention to artwork and architecture are both functions of accent lighting.  Accent lighting can actually be decorative in and of itself.  Pendant lighting and chandeliers are often used as art elements to draw attention in a room.

Through a multilayered lighting approach that combines stylish fixtures and energy efficient lamps, homeowners can maximize ambiance and savings, while breathing new life into their kitchens.

Robin Rogers Interior Design - Interior Design To Reflect Your LIfestyle

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