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Modern Ambient Lighting. More than a 60 watt overhead.

Ambient lighting is the foundation for light in our home.  Ambient lighting provides general illumination throughout the whole room.  Though ambient lighting as traditionally been achieved through overhead ceiling fixtures with incandescent bulbs, there are more energy efficient ways to achieve the warm full light that is needed for a functional kitchen. The current trends in ambient lighting range from simple methods of harnessing natural light via windows and sky lights to the installation of more styled fixtures and reflection plans.  Overhead recessed lighting is a great way to set the stage because it provides light free of obstruction.  Recessed down lights can be added to illuminate cabinets and brighten the perimeter.  Reflected light, achieved by the installation of reflector lamps 6 to 8 feet apart, can be effective in boosting light in combination with light cabinets, ceilings, and floors.

When remodeling your kitchen, be sure to ask about energy efficient lighting.  The lamps you choose for your fixtures have an impact on the mood of your kitchen as well as your pocketbook.

Robin Rogers Interior Design - Interior Design To Reflect Your LIfestyle

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